1 of 2 suspects in the kidnapping and armed robbery of a DeKalb father have been caught

The last of the two suspects in the alleged robbery and kidnapping of a father in DeKalb County last week are still at large, according to authorities.

Police stated in a statement that DeKalb officers were called to the 1900 block of Meadow Lane on Wednesday just before 5 p.m.

There, they met with two kids who said their father had been robbed at gunpoint by two males while they were working on a house.

According to the statement, the suspects then put the father under the threat of a gun, forced him into a car, and drove him to an ATM nearby where they made him withdraw money.

At a nearby junction, they left the father after dropping him off.

Both the teenagers and their father were unharmed, according to the authorities.

The suspects’ car was observed by patrolling cops the following day about 6:30 p.m. on Glenwood Road close to I-285, according to the police.

When officers attempted to make a traffic stop, the car sped off in the direction of Covington Highway. Instead, the suspects stopped at a petrol station, where three persons fled.

According to the statement, police sent in K-9 units and started looking for the culprits.

A suspect, eventually identified as Regis Jackson, 33, was discovered hiding in a shed after three and a half hours.

Police claimed that he was still donning the same attire from the day before’s kidnapping and armed robbery.

Jackson is being imprisoned in the DeKalb County jail after being accused of armed robbery and kidnapping. Jackson’s brother, Darius Jackson, 38, was named as the second suspect, who is still at large. In addition, Darius Jackson is accused of kidnapping and armed robbery.

As the two have been connected to other armed robberies in the vicinity, more charges could be brought, according to the police.

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