4-car collision in South Los Angeles results in 2 deaths and 1 injury

LOS ANGELES – A four-car crash in South Los Angeles early on Friday morning resulted in two fatalities and one injury, according to authorities.

In South LA’s Florence area, the collision was reported just before 4:15 a.m. on Friday at the junction of S. Broadway and Manchester Avenue.

Police from the Los Angeles Police Department who were on patrol allegedly saw a Cadillac’s driver speeding. The officers allegedly tried to stop him, but the guy was going so quickly that they had to back up.

A short while later, the suspect struck a BMW, starting a chain reaction in which two other cars were also involved. Authorities pronounced the young couple in the BMW, who were in their 30s, dead at the spot. The semi-driver truck’s also sustained injuries in the collision.

The victims’ names have not been made public.

The suspect, who was taken into police custody, is assumed to be in his early 20s.

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