43rd Avenue Water Tower unveils new appearance as it marks 30 years

About halfway through its operational life, the 43rd Avenue Water Tower will receive a makeover and well-deserved restoration.

Since its initial construction in 1992, the tower has been providing service to NorthWest Bismarck. It can support the area’s current occupants as well as Bismarck’s expanding population because to its one million gallon storage capacity.

In the thirty years since it was built, the tower hasn’t received repair until now. In addition to routine maintenance and modifications, the tower will also get a fresh coat of paint and the City of Bismarck’s insignia will be stencilled on its east side, weather permitting.

If you decide to visit the tower, you may watch workmen putting the decal up all weekend long. Work on the logo has already started.

The 43rd Avenue Water Tower will run for a another 30 years after this weekend’s renovations before being shut down.

Normal water pressure will be returned to the region once the tower is operational again and the logo is finished. On Sunday night, the design should be finished.

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