8-year-old girl hit by stray bullet from ambush shooting at Temple University, according to the police

A gunshot that broke out near Temple University on Thursday night left an 8-year-old girl with a non-fatal grazing wound to the head, according to the authorities.

Just before nine o’clock in the evening, police officers from the Temple Police Department and the Philadelphia Police Department went to the 1500 block of North 13th Street in response to allegations of a shooting.

According to Deputy Commissioner John Stanford, an automobile ambushed by multiple shooters fired approximately 50 rounds at another car that was passing by.

According to Stanford, the girl was struck in the head by stray gunfire as she stood close to a house’s front door.

A person inside the targeted vehicle was reportedly hit in the leg and sent to Temple University Hospital, according to police.

On Twitter, Temple warned students about the shooting investigation and advised them to stay away from the area.

A stray bullet from the shooting, according to a representative for Temple, entered an adjacent dorm window and stuck in a wall.

According to the spokeswoman, no students were in the dorm when the bullet entered it.

Following the incident, no arrests were noted, and police did not offer a description of the suspect’s car.

Following the incident, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw posted on Twitter to express her anger and call for justice.

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