88-year-old Bill Russell Dies

Bill Russell dead

Bill Russell, one of the finest and most successful NBA players ever, has passed away.

Bill’s own official social media profile, which published a sad update on Sunday, is where the news first surfaced. According to the passage, BR died peacefully with his wife Jeannine by his side. His death’s specific circumstances were not further discussed.

Bill goes on to recount all of his accomplishments, starting with those from high school. He had won two state championships at that level, two NCAA championships, an Olympic gold medal, and, of course, 11 NBA championships with the Boston Celtics. He had also won two championships with the same team while serving as both the head coach and the player, which was an unprecedented feat at the time.

His social rights activism during his playing career is mentioned in this obituary, as he boycotted events and made public statements against bigotry and discrimination that were pervasive at the time in the U.S.

Bill is unquestionably one of the greatest players in league history, as shown by the fact that the 2009 NBA Finals MVP award is named in his honour.

His first induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame was as a player in 1975, and his most recent induction was as a coach in 2017. His career is noteworthy, especially given that he entered the NBA at a period when segregation was still prevalent and the league was just starting to grow as an organisation and incorporate players of all races.

Bill has received numerous NBA distinctions, including numerous All-Star appearances, NBA First-Team mentions, lifetime achievement awards, and so on, in addition to the recognitions already stated. He played for three decades before quitting the sport in 1988.

As you can expect, tributes are flooding in at the moment. Nearly everyone in the league, including players, coaches, owners, and media members, adored Bill Russell. He frequently attended games and was well-known in the basketball world.

The family is currently making preparations for his memorial service and funeral. Bill is survived by his wife, three kids, and further relatives. He was 88.

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