A man from Black Canyon City was slain by police after he fired on them: YCSO

A guy who allegedly fired at law enforcement during a standoff in Black Canyon City on Friday night was shot and killed by Yavapai County officers.

The incident started at 10:30 p.m. on October 7 when a lady contacted 911 to say that her drunken husband, Thomas Henzler, “fired a bullet into the ceiling to grab her attention.”

Henzler apparently set up an ambush site near to the only access to the home because he anticipated that law enforcement would be contacted, according to the wife, who reportedly informed dispatchers this.

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that “the wife cleverly was able to keep the 911 dispatcher on the phone without her husband knowing, so as to keep YCSO updated as to the location of the suspect, who was moving from the bridge to the house multiple times to grab more ammunition.”

Henzler allegedly told his wife that he was planning a “suicide by cop” according to dispatchers.

In anticipation of a potential hostage situation, Arizona Department of Public Safety Troopers and Yavapai County Deputies arrived. The wife eventually gained the ability to leave the house by herself.

According to officials, Henzler resisted coming out for about an hour. He allegedly opened fire after approaching law enforcement when he finally did leave.

The man retaliated by being shot, and the result was his death.

The shooting will be investigated by DPS.

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