A man is accused of hit-and-running outside Jeffery Pub, killed 3 men

Three people were killed and one was injured after a man is accused of ramming his car through a crowd of onlookers outside a popular gay bar in South Shore earlier this month.

A week after striking the men as they fought outside the Jeffery Pub at 7041 S. Jeffery Blvd. on Aug. 14, Tavis Dunbar, 34, was charged on Tuesday with three charges of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder, according to Cook County court records and an arrest report.

Videos of the horrifying collision showed some of the victims being flung through the air. According to a police report, at least one of the victims hit the ground in the following block.

Chicago police found the automobile that was reportedly used in the assault a few blocks away, but Dunbar was still at large.

According to the arrest report, he was taken into prison on Monday morning after his lawyer made contact with police and coordinated his surrender. He was recognised by investigators as the alleged driver based on witness testimony and video evidence.

According to Cook County court records, Dunbar previously entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanour count of domestic assault in 2011 and was given a year of probation, which he later broke and didn’t successfully complete. Additionally, two restraining orders have been issued against him.

According to court documents, a bond hearing was scheduled for him for Tuesday.

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