A man’s body was pulled from Lake Michigan on Saturday in the party-friendly “Playpen”

Only a week after a woman’s feet were amputated there in a boating tragedy, a man’s body was retrieved from Lake Michigan on Saturday at the “Playpen,” a popular gathering place.

Spencer Williams, 29, was found dead in the lake close to the 1000 block of North Lake Shore Drive at 5 o’clock, according to Chicago police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office. An investigation into a fatality is being done by police.

After he fell from a boat in the region on Wednesday, a guy was thought to have drowned and was missing.

Due to its designation as a no-wake zone and its protection from waves by break walls, the “Playpen” is a well-liked location for boaters. The area is known for partying and boats there are known to connect together.

Following three apparent drownings in two days and the tragedy in the “Playpen” on August 13 that resulted in the feet of 34-year-old Lana Batochir being amputated, police and fire officials pleaded with boaters and swimmers on Thursday to “please be responsible.”

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