A Seattle sexual assault suspect may be released from custody due to a competency ruling

After learning that her accused attacker would be allowed to return to society after being found unable to face trial, a sexual assault victim expressed her terror.

On December 30, 2021, the survivor was returning to her Capitol Hill apartment after doing errands.

Since he wasn’t in town, her father called to wish her a happy day while they were on the phone.

According to court records, Qyreek Singletary, 21, stopped her at that time just outside of her home.

“I was followed home by a man. [He] claimed to be looking to rent an apartment close to me, which was a blatantly false claim. He then forced his way through the door, attacked me, and attempted to rape me after I brushed him off and walked inside “the victim alleged.

Her father, who was speaking to her while she was still on the phone, overheard her screams and dialled 911 from a different phone.

The victim claimed, “I don’t know whether I would be here today if my dad wasn’t talking to me on the phone and heard me screaming and phoned 911.”

According to court records, a battle started when Singletary put his palm over her mouth to stop her from talking.

In the bedroom, where he reportedly sexually attacked her, he then allegedly pulled out a knife and gave her the order to go.

Soon after the 911 call was made, Seattle police arrived and were able to apprehend Singletary as he fled out the back door.

Court records state that although he told police he didn’t mean to rape the lady, “law enforcement also recovered a condom, lubricant, and bondage tape on the defendant’s person.” Documents state that a knife he reportedly used in the incident was also discovered.

First-degree attempted rape and first-degree burglary were the charges brought against Singletary.

Before being taken to Western State Hospital, he was taken to jail. He was found to be incompetent to stand trial there, according to the evaluation.

If the judge finds that Singletary has the mental capacity to stand trial, the case can be dismissed.

The survivor told the media that he was capable of planning his activities that day and claimed that hearing that news had devastated her once more.

“I was struck by how vicious, planned, and premeditated that attack appeared. Behind him, he closed the front door. He carried a knife. He demonstrated one to me. He questioned if anyone else will be visiting the house, “the victim informed the media.

Singletary can still be subject to a civil commitment order for obligatory treatment even if the charges are dropped.

The hearing was supposed to take place on Tuesday, September 13, but officials informed the media that the time had been changed. Rescheduled for later this month, according to them.

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