After a carbon monoxide leak at an Allentown daycare, 25 children were taken to the hospital, according to officials

Unsettling images at an Allentown daycare after authorities report that more than twenty children were sent to nearby hospitals as a result of a carbon monoxide leak.

Around 6:52 a.m. on Tuesday, crews were called to the Happy Smiles Learning Center on Wabash Street for an emergency and reportedly discovered excessive levels of carbon monoxide there.

According to officials, 25 kids were taken by ambulance to four separate hospitals, at least one of whom was unconscious at the time. There were also transported more adults.

It is claimed that both children and adults are all in stable condition.

A significant number of ambulance, fire, and police workers responded to the daycare, and the media covered the extremely hectic scene live.

According to officials, the daycare will be closed until the leak’s source is identified.

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