Alyssa Scott & Nick Cannon built a foundation in memory of their late son Zen

Alyssa Scott & Nick Cannon built a foundation in memory of their late son Zen
Image source: Instagram @nickcannon

Zen Cannon and Alyssa Scott’s new foundation, which will support the fight against pediatric cancer, has been established in Zen’s memory.

The Zen’s Light Foundation, whose goal is to “promote global excellence in hope, grief-care, and pediatric healthcare for families and children in need,” was introduced by Nick and Alyssa on Friday through Instagram. To mark the anniversary, Nick and Alyssa went to “a wonderful lighting ceremony to honor the life of an Angel.”

The Children’s Hospital of Orange County was also praised by Zen’s parents for assisting them in planning the first event.

One day after Alyssa shared a video montage of Zen on what would have been his first birthday, the charity made its statement. Some of Zen’s loveliest moments were featured in the video montage, which was accompanied by Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High on That Mountain.” 

These included clips of Alyssa holding Zen, her daughter hanging out with the newborn boy in the crib, and Zen grinning while wearing Mickey Mouse pajamas.

Alyssa Scott & Nick Cannon built a foundation in memory of their late son Zen
Image source: Instagram @nickcannon

She also added, “In my head, I can picture him stomping on his cake, climbing all over me, and pulling at my legs. However, in actuality, I shall be the one to extinguish his first candle. I’ll miss having him here with us. REST HIGHLY GO Although we miss you in the bodily Son, we feel spiritually and personally fulfilled by you in the eternal Son. Birthday greetings! Zen, we adore you.”

In the post’s description, Alyssa said, “Zen, happy birthday in paradise. There is unbreakable love at the core of every feeling I am experiencing right now. I generally try to stay upbeat, but right now I can’t help but scream, “It’s not supposed to be like this”.

On his now-canceled daytime talk show, Nick revealed in December that his 5-month-old baby had died from brain cancer and a second tumor. Zen was born again in June 2021, becoming Nick and Alyssa’s seventh child.

After time passed, Nick reposted the same video with the comment, “#REPOST The caring, nurturing, irrefrange and strength filled Amazing Mother @itsalyssaemm stated it way better than I could ever.”

He explained, “I always noticed he had a cough and I wanted to check it out. “By the time he was two months old, I had noted that he had an intriguing breathing pattern as well as a nice-sized head with a cannon-like shape. We didn’t give it much thought. 

But because of his breathing and sinus issues, I wanted to take him to the doctor. We anticipated it to be routine.”

He added on his show, “Over the weekend, I lost my youngest son to a disorder called hydrocephalus, which is a malignant, midline brain tumor — brain cancer. 

The Clinic states that hydrocephalus “is the accumulation of fluid in the deep brain cavities (ventricles). The extra fluid makes the ventricles bigger and strains the brain by expanding them.”

“Zen, my dear Zen. My arm’s pain from holding you is gradually going away. That you are no longer here is a sad reminder “In the heartfelt homage, Alyssa wrote. “The mirror was no longer displaying your flawless face at me when I caught myself staring back there when I was driving. 

I hold my breath and cringe when a door closes too loudly because I know a little cry will soon follow. It does not appear. It is painfully quiet.”

“We have been in this race together for the past five months. We would pass the baton back and forth. You gave me a boost “She went on. “You would be smiling at me in the middle of the night. My body would experience a surge of energy, and I would exude pure joy. 

Together, we were committed to seeing the project through. Running without you feels intolerable right now. I can’t.”

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