Attack on a woman in a grocery store on Vashon Island

VASHON ISLAND: A woman from King County is recovering after being knocked to the ground while grocery shopping.

According to investigators, the whole thing may have started out as a case of road rage but somehow escalated inside the business.

The victim said that she had no recollection of cutting anyone off before reaching Vashon Thriftway. She claimed that a stranger started a fight inside the supermarket, and that soon after, someone shoved a hand in her face and knocked her to the ground.

Desiree Workun-McIntyre, the victim, who is 27 years old, stated, “It’s not the most pleasant experience watching people walk over you.” “I don’t anticipate any action from the public. They’re only out to shop.”

According to McIntyre, the event took place last Thursday. Although the attacker is off-screen to the right, McIntyre claims that he grabbed her by the face and threw her to the ground as security cameras were rolling. According to her, the altercation quickly escalated from verbal to physical.

She said, “I want this guy to be held accountable. “He should be held accountable if he is acting violently toward individuals.”

McIntyre claims that Vashon Island’s Island Center Forest is a tranquil, shady spot for her. She claims that in addition to having a concussion, which Tacoma General concussion specialists confirmed she had, she also has light-sensitive eyes.

The attacker was described by witnesses as an older white male with short grey hair who was wearing spectacles, according to investigators. He weights around 200 pounds and is about 6’1″ tall.

Witnesses watched the man pay for his groceries and leave the store, but they were unable to make out the licence plate on his white tiny SUV.

By Tuesday, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office, no arrests had been made.

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