Bryan Harsin is defended by Charles Barkley, and the college football world reacts

Football coach Bryan Harsin’s critics received a message from Auburn icon Charles Barkley on Friday afternoon.

During an appearance on The Next Round, Barkley remarked, “I’m a Bryan Harsin fan, and this is to all the Auburn people: Leave that man alone and let him freaking do his friggin job.” “He’s been there for just one year. Simply give him space to work and leave him alone.”

I hope someone would simply slap the crap out of the folks who keep pestering this man, Barkley continued.

Naturally, the majority of Auburn supporters appreciate Barkley’s defence of Harsin.

Following are some responses to Barkley’s tirade towards Harsin’s detractors:

Harsin had a 6-7 record at the end of his first season at Auburn. Obviously, he or the programme didn’t get a good grade for it.

Despite this, Auburn’s future is still promising. The hope is that the Tigers will be more successful in 2022 because there is still a tonne of talent on the squad.

On Sept. 3, Auburn will face Mercer at home to open the new campaign.

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