Buckhead accident: A Woman hit by a car was thrown nearly 30 feet

After her daughter was struck and left for dead on a Buckhead street this weekend, a parent from Georgia is sharing her pain.

Ann Rutherford, Valerie Pableo’s mother, admits that her daughter was crossing the street illegally, but the motorist struck the pedestrian without ever slowing down or stopping despite having a green signal.

Rutherford claims that her daughter was struck while crossing the street with some friends early on the morning of the previous Saturday near Peachtree Road and Mathieson Drive.

She remarked, “I am just heartbroken; my world is simply shattered.”

An Atlanta police camera filmed the entire event. Rutherford provided the media with the video in the hopes that it would aid in identifying the culprit. She hopes the owner of the black automobile will be recognised and apprehended.

Rutherford added, “This person, the motorist, never showed that he slowed down. I don’t have the heart to watch the footage, but I was informed that.”

One of the friends who was with Pabelo when she was struck was Noah Matricciani.

On August 20, at 2:30 in the morning, he claims they were crossing Peachtree at Mathieson and believed it was safe to do so even though the light was green.

You could probably see no one for.3 to.5 miles up and down the road, according to him. “The road was completely deserted. We would have made it if the car had been moving at the allowed speed of 35 to 40 miles per hour.”

Pabelo has spent the majority of the past week in the ICU at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center. The extent of Pabelo’s injuries are depicted in heartbreaking pictures. She has internal bleeding, fractures, and brain damage.

Her mother claims that the hit-and-run left her with disabilities that could last a lifetime, therefore she is currently receiving physical treatment.

She is working to determine how she would pay for the treatment as her daughter heals.

She doesn’t have insurance, is a full-time student and part-time worker, and the expense keeps rising, according to Rutherford.

The family is requesting that anyone with information phone the police at this time because they claim that the police do not currently have the licence plate number of the involved vehicle.

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