California’s Great America set to close in 11 years

California's Great America

On Monday, park operator Cedar Fair announced that it had sold the Santa Clara property.

People who have long cherished the nearly 50-year-old South Bay institution were shocked by the revelation.

As she waited to pick up her daughter and friends from the theme park, Milpitas resident Rosie Walker remarked, “I was here every summer and my kids grew up here.” “Getting a season pass for your birthday is customary, right? so that you can visit Great America over the summer. So, it will be depressing.”

According to a lease deal between Cedar Fair and the park’s buyer Prologis, the amusement park will remain open for “up to 11 years.”

For $310 million, the site next to Levi’s Stadium was sold to a Bay Area logistics real estate firm.

The Cedar Fair theme park stated in a press statement that it “Intends to use profits from the property sale agreement to accelerate work on its strategic priority of debt reduction to attain its $2 billion ambition.”

Visitors said on Monday that it’s difficult to value squandered opportunities.

Lauren Gorospe remarked, “It’s extremely terrible because I still want to come here and have fun as an adult. And, you know, revisit those memories.

Memories that Gorospe and others created not far from their homes.

The younger generation has few options because similar amusement parks in the East Bay and elsewhere require extensive drives, according to Great America visitors.

Jaquelyn Gutierrez, a guest, stated, “It’s kind of long, kind of far.” I would rather visit this place and, you know, spend time with my buddies.

Dominique Walker continued, “Most of the time, we don’t really have to go on a lot of rides since there are other things to do.

Fans of Great America are left wondering what this means for opportunities because entertainment has an expiration date, there are only a few more years of funnel cakes, and drops are running out.

Many people are working for the first time, according to Rosie Walker. “I know I used to frequent this location because I was raised here. I predict that it will have a significant economic influence on the neighborhood.”

Regarding potential effects, the media contacted Great America, Santa Clara city officials, and county representatives.

Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor stated that it “seems Great America will change in the short future.” “It is my long-term hope and objective to preserve Great America there for as long as possible.”

Cedar Park said, “Although we no longer control the park’s land, our visitors and staff shouldn’t anticipate any immediate changes as a result of this transaction. We had previously rented the site from the City of Santa Clara for more than 40 years before purchasing the land in 2019, thus this lease structure is nothing new to us.”

“Going forward, we plan to bring out a complete roster of immersive entertainment, seasonal festivals, and gourmet events as planned and for years to come, just as we always have,” the business stated.

Many people are left to ponder whether finding another operating business could be the key to keeping it open.

The business stated that it does not currently have any concrete plans for use in the future. Beyond the lease’s expiration, the corporation hopes to develop long-term plans with the neighborhood and local authorities.

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