Caryn Chandler’s (Shocking!) Net Worth revealed by Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler

As it turns out, Caryn Chandler is NOT taking advantage of Matt Roloff for financial gain, despite several assertions made over the years.

The Little People, Big World actor, if anything, merely made light of it on social media?

The roles are reversed!

Matt posted a picture of Caryn, himself, Amy, her second husband Chris, and two lifelong friends earlier this week.

In reaction to the image, one of the followers wrote:

So, when you say that you and Amy have been friends for more than 30 years, you really mean that. Matt, I hope you’re getting married.

What a silly thing to say, huh?

The fact that Roloff and Chandler are not wed is a significant fact. At least not yet.

The father of four has often intimated that he will unquestionably pop the question to Caryn, perhaps before the year is up.

On episodes of the aforementioned TLC programme, the couple frequently makes jokes about getting married one day.

However, nobody has asked a question as of yet, so it seems strange for someone to bring up a prenuptial agreement.

The reason Roloff would need such a legal document is another issue, though.

Does he actually have a higher value than Caryn?

If the two ever got married and were divorced, should he really be scared of losing a fortune?

No and no, in Matt’s own words!

“because she is worth three times as much as I am. Caryn’s net worth will surprise you, therefore I hope she’ll let me slip by,” stated Matt in an unexpectedly open reply to the previous comment.

Added him:

I need her to make an effort to keep up.

Oh, wow. Alright, then!

According to some study, Matt Roloff has a net worth of about $6 million.

Given some quick calculation, this translates to Chandler having $18 million in the bank, which seems like a sizable figure for someone who, as far as we are aware, has only held the position of farm manager in recent years.

Maybe she has money from the family? Another lucrative position?

Roloff might possibly be totally off in this case.

Meanwhile, Matt recently listed 16 acres of his farm for sale… for $4 million. As a result, he might soon notice an increase in his revenue.

“Well, the tricks are out. Roloff sent a message on Instagram on May 12 that read, “I want to make sure You all hear the exciting news directly from me.

For the past 30+ years, @rolofffarms has offered my family and I a lot of happiness.

“Our original family home and the bright red barn on the farm’s 109 acres are among the 16 acres that are being put up for sale today.

It’s time to move on to the next season of life, which is “a little bit terrifying but largely thrilling.”

Since making this declaration, Matt has faced criticism from members of his own family, which prompted a follow-up article in which he defended his decision to NOT sell to either of his twin sons.

He stated on May 15: “My greatest wish was that the entire Roloff Farms property would remain in our family for many years.”

“It was just not meant to be at this time to keep that dream alive. Unfortunately, it is not possible to partition Roloff Farm into many lots legally.

“My twin boys decided against considering cooperating for a potential joint sale.”

He said after that:

“Both of them (along with their expanding families) had moved on to other interests and investments… and even tho’ a substantial family discount and a “gift of equity” was offered by both Amy and I…(and I still owe Amy a bundle of money)..they each decided that the timing was not right for them to buy a part of the farm at this time,” the article continued.

On the basis of that, turning 60 in my cranky old body, and the farm’s ongoing maintenance/demands, the tough decision was made so I could move closer to my retirement objectives.

The GOOD NEWS is that there are still “93” uncharted & pristine acres owned by the Roloff Family for everyone to enjoy, so you never know what the future may bring!

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