Court documents state that the bodies of a murdered Washington couple were found in a garbage can

Newly revealed court documents shed light on the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the man accused of a grisly double homicide in Kitsap County, Washington. He is still being detained without bail.

On August 18, a woman contacted worried about her parents who resided there, so officers with the Kitsap County Patrol went to the house on Shady Glen Avenue Southeast in Olalla to check on them.

The day prior, Alicia Shulz spoke with her father, according to court records. However, when she attempted to contact Mina and Steven Shulz, they were unresponsive.

Even though their automobiles were still there when Alicia visited her parents’ house, they had never answered her calls. She entered the house with her key and observed blood on one of the doors and shattered glass from the other as she reached the master bedroom.

She contacted her boyfriend and 911 when she couldn’t find her parents.

Blood was discovered inside the house and on the deck outside the master bedroom when deputies arrived at the scene.

Alicia claims that once the murder suspect for her parents’ deaths appeared in court, she is left with conflicted emotions.

Alicia was organising her parents’ burial when she missed court on Tuesday. She claims that the assistance from the neighbourhood has been crucial in getting her through these recent days.

Many people knew and adored her parents. Owners of E2W Brewing were Air Force veteran Steve Schulz and his wife, Mina. Next month, according to Alicia, her parents intended to launch their own brewery.

She claims that the loss of her parents has left a great number of people inconsolable.

Deputies allegedly observed what they believed to be a body in a trash can on the property close to the deck, according to the probable cause paperwork. In order to search the house and the scene, deputies then acquired a search warrant.

According to records, the two victims who were discovered in the trash can were shot to death, according to the investigators. The autopsy report is still secret.

Investigators found a revolver and Mina Shulz’s wallet stolen, as well as several items missing from the master bedroom’s drawers.

Detectives discovered throughout the inquiry that Shaun David Rose, 40, and his girlfriend Danielle lived in an RV on a neighbor’s land.

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