Family of a 5-Year-Old Killed in a Hit-and-Run in Chicago

Following a hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of a 5-year-old kid on Wednesday night, a family in Chicago is forced to deal with a sad tragedy.

On Wednesday night on the city’s Northwest Side, Taha Khan, who was scheduled to begin kindergarten at Sauganash Elementary in a few weeks, was struck by two automobiles close to the intersection of Devon and Cicero.

The driver of the second vehicle stayed at the scene as the family desperately looked for assistance, but the driver of the first vehicle that struck Taha, a red Jeep, fled the scene at high speed.

Taha’s father, Shahzad Khan, stated that his son had a shattered wrist and head traumas. He was internally bleeding.

Taha’s mother, Misbah Khan, continued, “We called his name, other people gave him CPR, and I’m just panicked.” Just asking for the ambulance to arrive, please.

At a nearby hospital, Taha momentarily regained his pulse, but he succumbed to his wounds a short while later.

The Khan family claims they are unsure of how or why Taha walked outside alone before being hit by the cars.

Taha was only a few weeks away from becoming 6 years old, according to Shahzad Khan, and he wanted to celebrate with a Pokemon-themed party.

He said, “He wanted the Pikachu party.” “I told him it was okay the first time he said he wanted to have that.”

His family is now left looking for answers in the case, and according to Misbah Khan, multiple businesses near the road may have security footage that could help identify the motorist who struck her son.

We simply want to apprehend that individual, she continued. “Not for my kid, but to save the kids of other people,”

According to Chicago police, an investigation is ongoing and no suspects are presently being held in connection with the incident. Police questioned the driver of the second vehicle that remained at the site, but it is unknown if he or she would be issued any tickets or charges in relation to the incident.

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