Federal Infrastructure Funds Amounting to Millions Will Go to the DC Area; Here’s Where

The Department of Transportation reports that many project locations in the Washington, D.C., area will get millions of dollars in federal funds to upgrade their infrastructure.

As a result of the $2.2 billion in local infrastructure projects that U.S. transportation officials announced on Thursday, a number of communities across the nation will soon have new bridges, roads, bike lanes, trains, and ports.

According to Pete Buttigieg, secretary of transportation, the initiatives will contribute in modernising the country’s transportation infrastructure.

According to Buttigieg, “This is a program that recognizes many of the most interesting and compelling ideas and designs and plans aren’t going to come from Washington, but more of the funding should,”

The $2.2 billion will be split among 166 projects across the nation, eight of which will be in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

The South Capitol Street Trail in Washington, D.C., and New Carrollton Station in Maryland are two of the region’s most prominent initiatives.

Project for the New Carrollton Multi-Modal Transportation Station

The New Carrollton Multi-Modal Transportation Station Project, which aims to build multimodal transportation enhancements, will take place at the New Carrollton Station.

According to the US Department of Transportation, Prince George’s County received a grant for the project for $20.5 million.

For the current MARC, Metrorail, and Amtrak services, a new train hall will be built as part of the project. Additionally, connections to Metrobus, TheBus, Greyhound, and the upcoming Maryland Purple Line will be included.

According to Prince George’s County’s federal grant application, these upgrades and others are expected to increase public safety and make public transportation a more alluring means of transportation by creating increased accessibility to the station.

South Capitol Street Trail Project in Washington

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the District Department of Transportation has received $10 million in federal funding to build a new trail for bicycling and walking.

Ward 8 will house the South Capitol Street Trail Project in Washington, D.C.

The infrastructural upgrades for this project include a roughly four-mile, 10-foot-wide walking and bike track.

The trail will begin at the intersection of South Capitol Street and Firth Sterling Avenue SE, according to the project’s description, and conclude at the Oxon Hill Farm Trail on DC Village Lane.

The District Department of Transportation claims that this route will give bikers and pedestrians a safer way to get around and connect to the larger public transportation system since it will also expand the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail network into the District’s most southern regions.

The District Department of Transportation mentioned this project’s workforce aspect required as an additional benefit.

The project’s description stipulates that more than 50% of the construction hours must be completed by D.C. citizens, and 20% of the project’s work must be performed by journey-level positions.

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