Florida college student died in Alabama while defending his girlfriend

CLAY COUNTY – According to the Clay County (Alabama) Sheriff’s Office, a Florida college student was shot and died on Sunday while attempting to defend himself and his girlfriend from a lady who held them at gunpoint and pretended to be having automobile issues.

The University of Central Florida students Adam Simjee and Mikayla Paulus, both from Apopka, Florida, were driving along a road when they were “flagged down” by a woman, later identified as Yasmine Hider, who “asked the couple if they could give her some assistance to help get her car started,” according to an updated news release from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office late Tuesday.

According to the news release, when the couple tried to help Hider, “she pulled out a revolver and forced the pair to walk back into the woods.” Simjee grabbed a rifle while in the woods, and “there was an exchange of gunfire.”

Simjee was fatally shot, according to the authorities. The suspect, Hider, was shot many times before being transported to the hospital. Simjee’s girlfriend sustained no wounds.

The man’s girlfriend became aware of another woman “standing in the woods nearby watching what was going on,” according to the Sheriff’s Office, at some point after the shooting. Krystal Diane Pinkins was eventually revealed to be that woman.

According to the CCSO, Pinkins was detained on suspicion of murder, kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, and robbery. Hider, who is still in the hospital, is accused of killing, abducting, and robbing people.

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