Girl, 14, detained in connection with Peachtree City Walmart fire investigation

A person has been detained by Peachtree City police in connection with the four-alarm fire that severely damaged a nearby Walmart.

The arrest of a 14-year-old girl in relation to the fire is confirmed. The name of the suspect is being withheld by the investigators.

Investigators tell the media that they are still far from coming up with a reason for the alleged arson, which began in the store’s paper products section.

On Wednesday, August 24, just before 7:20 p.m., a fire started at the Walmart at 2717 Georgia Highway 54. Firefighters received another notice when the sprinklers activated in an effort to start dousing the fire.

The sprinklers, according to firefighters, were rapidly overrun.

According to Assistant Chief Wil Harbin of the Peachtree City Fire Department, “A building like this has a substantial fire load, which refers to the items housed inside the building.”

The initial responders were Peachtree City police officers.

“Is anyone else present? All of you out! “One of the officers started shouting.

After being overtaken by smoke, three of those cops needed to be brought to the hospital.

As soon as they arrived, firefighters from the fire departments of Peachtree City, Coweta County, Fayetteville, and Fayette County discovered the store was on fire, namely a rack of products on the back row. At that moment, the flames had been licking at the roof for a while and had started to make it shaky.

The fire was fought by departments all night long until it was put out at 4 a.m. on Thursday.

Thankfully, nobody suffered a significant injury.

The inside and roof of the store were severely damaged. There is currently no estimated date for the store’s reopening.

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