Horrific crash in Woodland Hills claims 2 lives

Following a severe collision on Victory Boulevard in Woodland Hills overnight, two males are dead, according to police.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department’s preliminary investigation, a Chevrolet car and an SUV collided head-on around 11:35 p.m. on Monday along Victory Boulevard, just east of Mason Avenue.

The two automobiles were crushed, and the drivers were stuck inside as firefighters tried to extricate them from the debris until first responders arrived.

The driver of the second vehicle was rushed to the hospital but passed away there, while one man was pronounced dead at the spot.

Authorities have not received any reports from eyewitnesses. However, the crash was heard by several persons nearby.

“It’s truly absurd because, for me, it’s causing so much thought. I feel more appreciative of my life. I frequently use this road, and I’ve encountered some close calls with oncoming cars “Pierce College student Justin Hunter remarked.

In order to conduct the investigation, authorities temporarily stopped Victory Boulevard between Mason and De Soto Avenues. The road was reopened in time for morning rush hour.

Once the coroner’s office in Los Angeles County has identified the two victims and notified their relatives, their names will be made public.

No other information was made available right away.

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