In East Oakland, three men were shot

Authorities reported that two shootings that took place in different parts of East Oakland two hours apart left three individuals injured.

The victims’ conditions were all stable. The two shootings are unrelated, according to the authorities.

The two shootings took place about 3:59 a.m. on Sunday in the San Antonio neighborhood’s 1800 block of Solano Way.

The two males who were shot were 56 and 26, according to the officials. Police declined to say whether they were acquainted.

The shooting’s motive is still unknown, but investigators said it hasn’t been ruled out that it had something to do with gambling.

There have been no detentions.

A 56-year-old guy was shot in the leg at around 5:54 in the morning close to 90th Avenue and International Boulevard.

Authorities suspect that a stray bullet from a gunfight between the occupants of two vehicles struck the victim. There were no other recorded injuries.

The shooting’s cause is the subject of an investigation. There have been no detentions.

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