In Madden 23, Cooper Kupp is one of the top WRs

Cooper Kupp

Despite having one of the best wide receiver seasons in NFL history in 2021, Cooper Kupp didn’t receive the top overall rating in Madden 23.

The top wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams has the second-highest overall rating in the latest iteration of the popular video game, which was launched on Monday.

The fact that Kupp doesn’t get a 99 overall rating, the maximum rating a player may receive in the game, is probably disappointing to many Rams supporters.

The only wide receiver to join the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason with a 99 overall rating is Davante Adams.

Kupp is a 99th-ranked wide receiver overall in my opinion, but I can see why Adams is ranked ahead of him.

Adams has produced more frequently during his career than Kupp, however Kupp’s potential to post higher statistics in prior seasons has been hampered by injuries.

Adams is also on par with or better than other wide receivers in terms of running routes.

Adams is also a better vertical threat in an offence and has a wider range of skills.

Over the years, there have been many things that the Madden video games have gotten incorrect.

However, given that Kupp was an 86 overall in the last game, there shouldn’t be much opposition for them making him a 98 overall wide receiver in the upcoming contest.

Receiving a 98 overall rating is nothing to laugh at, and Kupp has a good chance of raising it to 99 for the 2022 season.

But for now, Madden 23’s second-highest overall player at his position will be the reigning triple-crown wideout.

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