In the Joe Rogan show, the FBI reacts to Mark Zuckerberg’s claims

The FBI stated it can only notify a private corporation of a potential threat and not order it to take any further action the day after Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook curtailed a divisive story ahead of the 2020 election due to an FBI warning.

Zuckerberg claimed that although the FBI did not specifically mention a New York Post piece regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, it “matched the pattern” of what the FBI warned about in an episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast that was made accessible on Thursday.

The co-founder of Facebook claimed that the FBI is a “real organisation” and that the warning made him “take that seriously.” According to Zuckerberg, the story was let to stay on Facebook, albeit with little exposure.

In a statement released Friday evening, the FBI said that while it has given businesses “foreign danger indicators” to help safeguard their platforms and users, it “cannot ask, or instruct businesses to take action on information received.”

The FBI stated that it regularly alerts American private sector organisations, including social media companies, of potential risks so they may decide how to best protect against them.

On Friday night, Meta used Twitter to respond to the FBI announcement. According to the statement, “the FBI relayed general cautions about Russian interference — nothing particular about Hunter Biden.”

Hunter Biden and his company earned about $11 million through their work with a Chinese businessman accused of fraud, as well as through their work with a Ukrainian firm accused of bribery. This information was revealed by The News’ analysis of the hard drive, the iCloud account, and documents made public by two Senate committees.

Federal investigators were looking into Hunter Biden’s “tax troubles,” he stated in a statement in December 2020. Biden’s representative claimed in May that he had settled all of his tax debts with the IRS, but legal experts have argued it wouldn’t necessarily exclude him from potential criminal responsibility.

Some people have interpreted Zuckerberg’s comments to Rogan to indicate that Facebook blocked news in order to support Joe Biden before the 2020 election.

Russia used Facebook during the 2016 election to support Trump and harm Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, in part by igniting right-wing conspiracy theories and stirring discord among Black Americans, according to two independent studies published in 2018 for the U.S. Senate.

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