Independence police are investigating a suicide death that was reported at James Bridger Middle School

The death of a person who was found on the tracks of James Bridger Middle School early on Tuesday is being looked into by Independence police as a probable suicide.

A jogger found the unidentified deceased dead on the track outside the middle school around 5 a.m., according to Jack Taylor, a spokesman for the Independence police. Authorities think the victim self-inflicted the gunshot wound. According to Taylor, the case has been referred to a medical examiner.

The fatality was not a pupil, as was revealed in emails sent by the Independence School District on Tuesday to neighbourhood residents and posts on social media.

Following the incident, the Independence Council Parent Teacher Association posted information for mental health on Facebook.

The Facebook for the council stated, “Our hearts grieve for those who have been impacted by this unfolding crisis. According to Taylor, an inquiry into the incident is now ongoing.

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