Indiana woman accused of killing her spouse

One Indiana woman is taken into custody as a result of a death inquiry in Parke County.

This occurred on Friday, according to Sheriff Justin Cole of the Parke County Sheriff’s Office. He claims that authorities were sent to Hideaway Road near Putnam Road.

Inside a camper, deputies discovered Indianapolis resident Timothy Tomey dead. They concluded Tomey’s death was suspicious because he allegedly had a gunshot wound.

Deputies detained the victim’s wife, Angela Thomas, during the initial investigation.

She was initially accused of having marijuana in her possession.

On the other hand, a Saturday autopsy revealed that homicide was the cause of death.

Thomas was then detained on suspicion of murder.

She is currently being held without bond at the Parke County Jail.

Charges will be finalised after a review of the case by the Parke County Prosecutor’s Office.

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