JayDaYoungan, 24  was shot and killed in Louisiana

JayDaYoungan, death in Louisiana

According to a Facebook post by the Bogalusa Police Department, JayDaYoungan has died after being shot in Louisiana. Kenyatta Scott Sr., another victim of the incident who was described by authorities as a “close family member,” is currently in a stable condition.

Javorius Scott, also known as JayDaYoungan, was 24 years old.

The specifics mentioned in the Facebook post were verified by Kendall Bullen, the chief of police for the Bogalusa Police Department, to Complex.

Javorius Scott, also known as JayDaYoungan, and close family member Kenyatta Scott Sr. have been identified as the victims, according to the Bogalusa PD. Additionally, we can affirm that Javorius Scott’s injuries caused his death. We have been informed that Kenyatta Scott Sr. has been taken to another institution and is in stable condition.

Detectives are currently interviewing people and following leads, the message stated. We’ll update this as more information becomes available.

Police suspect that a second incident that happened shortly after the one in which JayDaYoungan was fatally shot may be related to the first, about which they claimed they initially received a call at 5:50 p.m. In the second shooting, nobody was wounded.

According to a statement from the Bogalusa Police Department, “another gunshot occurred in the 800 block of Marshall Richardson Road just after 7:00 pm while working a chaotic situation at the hospital and processing the crime scene on Superior Avenue.” “In that case, a vehicle was fired; this incident may have been connected to the first one. The people inside weren’t hurt.

source: theadvocate

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