Jennifer Lawrence’s uncomfortable interview that got her in trouble

Jennifer Lawrence's uncomfortable interview that got her in trouble

In a nutshell, Jennifer Lawrence, or JLaw to her fans, accomplished a rare achievement in Hollywood. She acquired a bumbling, relatable gimmick (like falling twice at the Oscars and maintaining a “finsta”) that persuaded the public that she was one of us despite her rapid climb to prominence.

Her relatability was quickly questioned by, well, everyone, including Anderson Cooper and Jared Leto, which is unfortunate because the internet loves to put people down a peg.

And while it’s not unheard of for someone who enjoyed such massive popularity in the 2010s as Lawrence did to encounter criticism, the actor has, regrettably, said and done things that unquestionably merit a side-eye or two.

For instance, the “Hunger Games” star once reprimanded a reporter for reading a question off his phone during the 2016 Golden Globes. Lawrence responded, “Bro, you can’t spend all of your time on your phone. “Simply put, you can’t do that. You must remain present-focused.”

The reporter misreferred to the honours as The Oscars because English wasn’t his first language, The Guardian claims.

Lawrence corrected his error, though, and claimed that if he hadn’t been on his phone, he would have known which award event he was at. People accused the singer of being culturally insensitive in the immediate aftermath.

“Jennifer Lawrence practically bullying a terrified reporter with terrible English in front of his peers isn’t….funny,” one user tweeted.

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