LAPD: Man died in robbery-turned-shooting at a rental property in Encino

The Los Angeles Police Department reports that a man was shot and killed during a robbery at a vacation rental home in Encino on Monday morning.

Around 6:30 a.m., according to authorities, a call was received about a robbery at 18015 Martha Street, which is close to Burbank Boulevard and Lindley Avenue.

A woman and two males robbed someone, according to the witness, who then fled the scene. Police verified that the victim of the robbery and shooting was rushed to the hospital by a friend, where he passed away.

The victim’s identity was kept secret. Authorities then discovered that he is 32 years old and was a guest at the rental house.

Two or more men are wanted by police in relation to this homicide.

Someone can be seen trying to conceal in the driveway by a car and leaning his arms on a fence in the surveillance footage from a neighbor’s Ring camera.

According to neighbours, at least one gunshot was heard.

This was a short-term rental, with a new tenant moving in every other week, according to the neighbours and the police. According to neighbours, the property has also hosted a number of parties that have required police involvement.

According to the police, this seems to be a singular incidence.

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