Lily Anne Harrison and Peter Facinelli are expecting their first child

Image source: Instagram @peterfacinelli

At Romadrama in West Palm Beach, Florida, on June 24, Lily Anne Harrison flaunted her baby bump while sharing the news that she is having her first child with fiancé Peter Facinelli.

During a panel discussion on Saturday, June 25, the 33-year-old actress later gushed about the 48-year-old Twilight actor. Harrison stated of their first date, “I sat down with him and I knew immediately that he was my husband. I contacted my parents a few hours later and told them I thought I just met The One.

During a Christmas getaway to Mexico, Peter and Lily got engaged. Both are incredibly happy and eagerly anticipating what the new year will bring.

“In my opinion, relationships are amazing in the beginning. During an appearance on the “Allison Interview” podcast, he noted that while the honeymoon stage is wonderful, “slowly, over time,” things might start to go south.

In April, he said, “If that individual talks to you in a particular way or does something, then all of a sudden, they believe they have license to do that because you didn’t say, ‘That hurt my feelings’.” “All of a sudden, it becomes ingrained, it intensifies, and you start to feel angry.”

Every connection is unique, Facinelli said, adding that his relationship with Garth had an impact on the way he handled talking to Harrison.

“I believe that our first meeting was so amazing that I told Lily, “I truly want to keep onto this. I want us to be incredibly careful around one another, therefore let’s try really hard each day to avoid developing harmful habits, he exclaimed. We have been together for six years, and I’m incredibly happy with our relationship because we hardly ever yell at each other.

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