Man is detained and charged with robbing a Wells Fargo in Casa Grande

Police said that a bank robber was apprehended in Casa Grande after being chased on foot.

Officers were called to a Wells Fargo bank on October 11 at Florence Boulevard and Colorado Street after a suspect allegedly entered the building while wearing a mask and gloves, produced a revolver, and handed a bank teller a note demanding money, according to the police.

An undisclosed sum of money was delivered to the suspect before he ran away into a nearby area.

According to the police, those who arrived on the scene spotted the suspect, 38-year-old Christopher Nelson, sprinting in an alley to the north of the bank.

The suspect was located hiding under a covered ATV in a driveway after being chased by police and K-9 RIK.

Casa Grande Police posted on Facebook, “Nelson was found to be in possession of evidence linking him to the robbery.” The weapon, which turned out to be a bb gun, was also discovered nearby.

Nelson was detained after being taken into custody. He’s been charged with armed robbery.

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