Mike Evans is on track to become a wide receiver worthy of the Hall of Fame

Mike Evans

In 2022, Mike Evans has an opportunity to write more history.

Over the past eight seasons, wide receiver Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been among the NFL’s best pass catchers.

As he begins his tenth season with the team, it is only logical to start considering his standing among the greatest wide receivers of all time. Evans recently spoke about this and other subjects as a guest on Ari Alexander’s KRPC 2 Houston broadcast.

“Of course, yeah. I consider it, but I make an effort to be as present as I can, Evans said to Alexander. “Toward that end, I am working. Why not, I suppose? I want to eventually rank among the all-time great players and be the top player in the game right now. I am equipped to do it, too. I’ve been fortunate. I’ve received a lot of favour. Why not try it, you ask?

Evans has accumulated 606 catches for 9,301 yards and 75 touchdowns over the course of his eight-year career. He is undoubtedly headed for a Hall of Fame career.

How does he rank among the top statistically? The top five wide receivers of all time are thought to be Terrell Owens, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Randy Moss, and Jerry Rice, in that order.

It comes down to lifespan and health as Evans is moving at the same rate as those superstars.

Evans is only 28 years old, so at most, he has four years left in his peak. During the following four seasons, if he maintains his present rate, he will have 910 receptions (23rd overall), 13,949 yards (13rd overall), and 111 touchdowns (11th overall).

It’s unlikely that anyone can surpass Rice’s records because he played 20 seasons and had 1,000-yard receiving seasons in years 17 and 18. However, Rice can match the others on paper if he continues to perform well.

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