Montgomery County police say a man was stabbed while confronting car thieves outside his home

Police claim that when a victim challenged a gang of individuals outside his front door early on Saturday morning, a car theft turned violent.

Around three in the morning, Cheltenham Township’s 200 block of Grove Avenue received a call from the police reporting a stabbing.

When they arrived, they discovered a man with numerous stab wounds. He was sent to a nearby hospital where he had an urgent operation. According to reports, his health is critical yet stable.

As a gang of masked guys smashed into the victim’s automobile in front of his home, witnesses allegedly informed police that the victim challenged them. Police said that following a scuffle, one of the suspects repeatedly stabbed the victim.

According to authorities, all the suspects escaped the area in a dark sedan.

One suspect, described as being 5 feet 7 to 10 inches tall, weighing between 170-180 pounds, with dark curly hair and spectacles, was identified by the victim.

Anyone in the neighbourhood with surveillance cameras is urged by the police to look for a person matching that description.

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