Murder charges against two guys in the shooting in McKinley Park

In connection with a shooting on Monday night in the McKinley Park area that left one guy dead and another injured, two men have been charged with first-degree murder.

Prosecutors claim that Julius Hernandez, 18, and Byron Quijeiro, 20, circled the block in a black Lexus SUV with two other people before being shot in the 3700 block of South Paulina Street.

According to witnesses, Quijeiro pulled up next to a man who was allegedly flashing gang signs, and Hernandez discharged a revolver with a green laser sight, the prosecution claims.

The 31-year-old male was shot twice and transferred to Stroger Hospital, where doctors declared him dead, according to police. Prosecutors claimed that when a guy opened fire, one of the occupants of the Lexus was injured.

Prosecutors claim that Quijeiro then went to a nearby alley where Hernandez dropped the gun into a trash can before Quijeiro drove away. Prosecutors claimed that when police arrived at the scene of a report of shots fired, they observed the SUV driving erratically.

Four persons were apprehended by the police after they stopped the SUV. Additionally, according to the prosecution, a gun was found that matched gunshot casings discovered nearby. According to the prosecutors, Hernandez tested positive for gunshot residue on his right hand.

The defence of Quijeiro said that while he was present for the crime, he did not actively take part in it. A Cook County court, however, disagreed, stating that the automobile Quijeiro was driving had twice circled the area prior to the incident and that Quijeiro had earlier texted about shooting someone.

On first-degree murder charges, the judge mandated that both men be kept without bail.

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