One person is killed in shooting at Stockton’s South Side Market

After two people were shot Sunday night, the Stockton Police Department started an investigation.

Police spokesperson Officer Joe Silva initially stated that both individuals had been brought to hospitals; however, in a later statement, he stated that one individual had passed away at the site and the other had been transported there. What condition the hospitalised person is in is unknown.

According to Silva, the incident took place at the South Side Market on South Airport Way.

More information will be added to this story as it becomes available.

Following a reduction in 2021, when police recorded fewer homicides, with a total of 38 instances reported by the end of the year, Stockton saw an uptick in homicide cases during the first few months of 2022.

Although that number is lower what the department has seen in the previous 12 years, it is still higher than the 40 homicide cases on average year since 1995.

Community organizations organised prayer vigils and outreach activities to bring Stockton people together in opposition to violence in reaction to the surge in homicides.

In order to deter violence and aid in the healing of afflicted communities, activists have urged the public to attend such events and collaborate with regional groups like Advance Peace, Faith in the Valley, Lighthouse of the Valley, and the Office of Violence Prevention.

According to Stockton City Manager Harry Black, the Stockton Police Department is working harder to acquire intelligence and collaborate with federal partners including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the U.S. Marshall’s Service in an effort to stop more killings.

According to Black, the city is also attempting to enhance its approach to preventing, intervening, and fighting crime.

The city’s Office of Violence Prevention employees are making an effort to be more visible in neighbourhoods where crime is a problem.

The “peacekeepers programme” of the office places mentors and mediators in high-crime regions.

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