Police are searching for teenagers suspected of stealing 10 pups from a pet store in Hammond

In the late hours of Sunday night in Hammond, Indiana, police are looking for two adolescents who are suspected of stealing 10 pups from a pet store.

According to Hammond police, officers were summoned to the Hug-A-Pup pet shop at 6921 Calumet Ave. after receiving a report of 10 stolen pups.

According to authorities, surveillance video from the store appeared to show two slim adolescents breaking one of the store’s windows to gain access while wearing dark hoodies, jeans, and ski masks.

The burglars took the puppies out of their crates and put them in a sizable duffel bag before making their getaway eastward into the back alley of the 800 block of 169th Place, according to the police.

Four orange Pomeranians, three white Poodles, and three white and orange “Teddy Bear” puppies—a Shih-Tzu and Maltese cross—were among the puppies, according to the police.

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