Raiders rise to No. 12 in the most recent NFL Power Rankings

Raiders rise to No. 12 in the most recent NFL Power Rankings

The Raiders have already played one preseason game, but they will play another one this Sunday against the Vikings to open the first preseason week.

So where do the Raiders stand among their rivals in the eyes of the national media? Do they have a chance to win the Super Bowl this year?

The Raiders, who had a strong preseason showing versus the Jaguars, were ranked No. 12 in a recent power rankings report by Bleacher Report. Here is a quote from their staff regarding the team heading into the season:

The more crucial concern may be how that offensive line performs in pass protection and how the Raiders’ revamped defence performs until we reach the crucial games.

Because Derek Carr and the Raiders will need to prevail in several high-scoring contests in an AFC West loaded with renowned quarterbacks.

The Broncos, Colts, and Cowboys are all deserving of being ranked higher, but No. 12 feels about right. Before Week 1 of the regular season, they might climb up if they can address some of their offensive line problems during the remaining three preseason games.

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