Ree Drummond of “The Pioneer Woman” shares a surprising hack for her decadent chocolate poke cake recipe

Ree Drummond is not a stranger to utilizing a few time-saving tricks when baking, and her recipe for chocolate poke cake is no exception. The Pioneer Woman star demonstrated how she transforms a box of cake mix into an inventive treat.

Easy chocolate poke cake by Ree Drummond includes a simple ingredient

Drummond admitted that in order to make the recipe for poke cake considerably simpler, she starts with a boxed cake mix. She said, “I knew I had to create two of these poke cakes, so I took a huge ole shortcut and bought an extremely nice quality chocolate cake box mix.”

First, she put sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips in a basin over a pot of simmering water. Drummond explained, “This is simply a fantastic way to heat up any kind of chocolate combination without scorching the chocolate.

She used the handle of a wooden spoon to pierce holes in the cakes while the chocolate mixture was melting. She then dripped the chocolate into the holes that had been pounded into the cakes’ tops.

She remarked, “This seems like a dream. Beautiful glossiness

Drummond still had the right icing to complete the rich chocolate cake, which also included some additional simple shortcuts.

She said, “In my perspective, a genuine poke cake contains some form of frosting. “I’m going to make a really nice chocolate whipped topping,” she said, “even if it’s not the most gourmet option.”

In a bowl, Drummond blended milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, and instant chocolate pudding. You can rely on me, she said. It’s quite thrilling,

Naturally, instant pudding completes the task swiftly. The benefit of quick pudding, she said, is that you only need to stir in milk for it to thicken into a decadent chocolate pudding.

Assembling the “chocolate overload poke cakes,” Drummond folded softened non-dairy whipped topping into the pudding before dividing and spreading frosting over each of the two cakes.

During a The Pioneer Woman episode, Drummond shared the “secret” to her top-secret chocolate cake recipe. I don’t tell anyone that I use a cake mix and it’s so good that no one would ever know, so that’s why I call it that, she said.

Melted butter, milk, eggs, chocolate chips, and vanilla were all added to the dry cake mix, which, in her words, “actually kind of helps elevate any sort of store-bought cake mix.”

Drummond combined all of the components. The Pioneer Woman star said, “And that’s about as complicated as this cake is going to get.”

She used a bundt pan to bake and cool the cake before she added the decorations.

There are only two ingredients in her ganache topping. When the chocolate chips had melted and the ganache had become glossy and smooth, she poured shimmering cream over them and stirred. She placed a spoonful on top of the cake and let the ganache trickle down the sides.

Ganache needs to be handled quickly because, as it stays at room temperature, it begins to thicken and becomes a little bit more difficult to drizzle or pour. Drummond added sprinkles on the cake’s top to provide some color.

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