Scooter attack on a man in Highland Park

Authorities claimed that a guy was struck with a scooter and attacked by a gang of young people in Highland Park, allegedly over a case of beer.

The attack was reported outside Tony’s Market near the intersection of Figueroa Street and E Avenue 40 just before 8 o’clock on Thursday, according to officials with the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to the LAPD, three male youths, probably teens, attacked the victim with a scooter before fleeing with the beer case the victim was holding, according to witnesses. The fled the scene while leaving the scooter behind, travelling east on Figueroa Street.

A bystander’s video captures some of the attack’s aftermath and the man lying bloodied along the pavement.

Before paramedics could reach the sufferer, bystanders jumped in to assist. Unknown to anyone, he was transported to the hospital.

Authorities made no additional statements.

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