Scottish woman is accused of sexual assault at an Ibiza tattoo parlour

Scottish police have confirmed the identity of a woman who was reportedly sexually abused in an Ibiza tattoo parlour.

After a British tourist who is a resident of Scotland alleged she had experienced a sex crime while getting a tattoo, detectives stated Tuesday that they had detained a 47-year-old man.

Today, reliable sources established she is a 21-year-old Scottish woman.

The individual who was detained and imprisoned after appearing before a judge in a secret court proceeding has been identified as a Spaniard of Argentinian descent.

The tattoo parlour, a well-liked tourist destination close to the party resort of San Antonio, where the alleged sexual assault took place, had no one answering the phone this morning.

It was believed that the woman who initiated the police investigation that resulted in the suspect’s arrest had called Scotland’s police while she was still on vacation in Ibiza.

When she got back home, she informed the Scottish police, who then forwarded the information to the Spanish police to investigate, according to a police source.

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