State fines Rockford nursing homes

Due to physical problems that contravene the Illinois nursing home care act, two Rockford nursing facilities are subject to fines.

Following the release of its 2022 second-quarter report on Thursday, the Illinois Department of Public Health announced fines against P.A. Peterson, 1311 Parkview Avenue, and River Bluff Nursing Home, 4401 N. Main Street.

A patient who cracked his neck after falling off a toilet and hitting his head so hard that it left a mark on the tile floor resulted in PA Peterson being fined $25,000 for a Type A violation.

There is a high possibility that a resident may die or suffer major physical or mental impairment in a Type A violation.

River Bluff was fined $500 for increasing a patient’s dosage of the psychiatric drug Citalopram without getting the patient’s required authorization, which led to negative effects.

Freeport’s Stephenson Nursing Center, located at 2946 South Walnut Road, was fined $2,2000 for failing to act in a timely manner when a wheelchair-bound patient fell and sustained facial lacerations.

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