The suspect in the Red Line shooting is being sought by Chicago police in the Loop

According to Chicago police, a lady was shot while riding a CTA Red Line train in the Loop overnight on Saturday.

At at 12:09 in the morning, authorities reported that shots were fired at the train as it approached the State and Lake stop. Following a brief conversation with the gunman, a 30-year-old lady was struck in the knee.

The victim was taken urgently to Northwestern Hospital, and as of now, no one is aware of her condition. According to authorities, she was unable to provide any information on the suspect or the circumstances behind the argument. The shooter is being sought by police.

For some CTA passengers, the incident led to some hectic moments. When shots were fired, witnesses claimed they had gone to another car after learning someone had a gun on the train.

Carlos Leon, a Red Line passenger, recalled that everyone was essentially squeezed into one car at that moment.

Until service returned, shuttle buses were provided between the Fullerton and State and Lake stations and Red Line trains were rerouted across the Loop, according to a statement from the CTA.

According to sources, the incident marked the fifth gunshot on the Red Line so far this year. This is the second shooting on the Red Line this month.

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