The True Reason Behind Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s 8-Year Marriage Divorce

When Priscilla Anne Beaulieu met “Hound Dog” artist Elvis Presley, she experienced something that most girls could only imagine: garnering the attention of their favorite heartthrob singer.

Fans of The King are eager to travel back in time and examine the couple’s relationship when the highly awaited biography Elvis arrives in theaters.

Elvis immediately demonstrated that he wasn’t only a handsome face and distinctive voice when he went from behind the mike to behind the camera. 

He appeared in a number of movies, including his directorial debut Love Me Tender, but was shortly inducted into the military. He gladly decided to join the police, and he soon received a promotion to sergeant. He initially met Priscilla, then 14 years old, in Germany. 

She eventually became his wife and his staunchest ally, even after his death.

Elvis was sent to Germany in 1958 while serving in the military (and despite this, still dominating the music charts with unreleased songs). 

He first met Priscilla Beaulieu at a gathering at a friend’s house a year later. Following her stepfather’s relocation there via the United States Air Force, Priscilla was residing there with her family. 

The “Jailhouse Rock” singer fell in love with her right away, and they practically lived together the entire time he was in Germany.

When Elvis eventually left Germany in 1960, the fresh, young romance abruptly took a turn. 

When Priscilla heard rumors about the singer’s relationship with Nancy Sinatra, she assumed she would never speak to Elvis again because she had been pressured by the media to discuss their brief romance.

The couple’s marriage was incredibly more than ordinary

Elvis proposed to Priscilla right before Christmas 1966 after years of residing at Graceland, maintaining the turbulent rock star lifestyle, and dodging allegations of affairs with Hollywood leading ladies. In May 1967, in Las Vegas, Elvis, 32, and Priscilla, 22, exchanged vows.

The couple’s sole child, Lisa Marie Presley, was born by Priscilla nine months to the day after their wedding. 

She was unprepared for pregnancy, according to Priscilla’s book Elvis and Me. Priscilla was concerned about the veracity of the rumors about Elvis’s relationship with Nancy Sinatra even when she was expecting. She was shocked when the actress offered to host her baby shower because they got along so well.

Elvis was absent for a sizable portion of the 1968 movie Live a Little, Love a Little, so Priscilla made the decision to enroll in private dancing classes. 

In her memoir, she expressed remorse for having a brief romance with her teacher, writing, “I came out of it thinking I needed much more out of my connection with Elvis.”

While Elvis’ career continued to flourish (despite his health continuing to deteriorate), Priscilla and Lisa were left at Graceland alone. From the perspective of the audience, the couple’s marriage appeared to be joyful. 

The two made the decision to be divorced in 1973 after many rumors of indiscretions with his co-stars. 

After eight years of marriage, Priscilla and Elvis stayed close and even linked hands as they exited the courthouse following the conclusion of their divorce.

Priscilla continued to play a significant role in Elvis’ life after their divorce. He, too, helped Priscilla open her first business in 1973 as part of his support for her professional endeavors. 

The singer remained at Graceland until he was discovered asleep on the grounds on August 16, 1977, at the age of only 42.

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