Three people were shot at Gurnee’s Six Flags Great America parking lot

A drive-by shooting occurred in the Six Flags Great America parking lot in Gurnee on Sunday night, leaving three people injured.

A park spokeswoman claimed that one car in the parking lot was the source of the gunfire. The car then started to drive away.

Police officers from Gurnee and Six Flags security arrived right away, according to the spokesperson.

Likewise, emergency services intervened. Two patients were taken to a local hospital. According to the spokeswoman, a third victim denied medical attention.

“The Gurnee Police Department ordered visitors and staff to leave when the park closed early. Law enforcement is looking into it “added the spokeswoman.

According to Illinois State Police, they went to Six Flags to help with the incident.

In response to allegations of a shooting at the theme park, numerous police departments arrived. The only information available, according to Gurnee police, is that there was a shooting and that “several police departments are on location clearing out the park.”

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