Two people are detained by Long Beach PD in connection with an attempted baby girl kidnapping

According to authorities, two people were detained in relation to the attempted kidnapping of a baby in Long Beach.

Just after noon on Saturday, the event took place near Pine Avenue and 10th Street.

The armed suspect, later identified as Los Angeles resident Stacie Earnestine Wilson, 55, approached two women who were pushing a stroller-bound baby, according to the police.

As a car approached them, according to the police, Wilson allegedly pointed a revolver at the two women. A second suspect, 45-year-old Los Angeles resident Walter Keshone Sullivan, operated the vehicle.

To try to save the child, the two women fought Wilson. At that point, according to authorities, Sullivan allegedly discharged what looked like a gun in the direction of the two victims and the infant.

According to investigators, Wilson released go of the stroller, ran into the getaway vehicle, and the two sped away.

Later that evening, in the 400 block of South Occidental Avenue in Los Angeles, Wilson and Sullivan were both discovered and taken into custody.

Police reported that they found two airsoft replica guns inside the car after they detained it.

Wilson and Sullivan were charged with felony kidnapping and felony assault with a deadly weapon on separate counts.

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