11 things about Shawn Mendes every fan should know!!

1) The full name of Shawn Mendes is Shawn Peter Raul Mendes.

2) Shawn Mendes is a 6'1" guy (about 185 cm).

3) Shawn Mendes can communicate in English, Spanish, and French.

4) Shawn Mendes studied Pickering's Pine Ridge Secondary School. He joined the glee club and liked to play soccer and ice hockey at school.

5) Shawn Mendes is a huge fan of “Harry Potter”.

6) Shawn Mendes can play the piano, and he learned how to play the guitar by watching YouTube videos.

7) Shawn Mendes is allergic to mosquitoes.

8) Shawn Mendes likes to cook.

9) The debut album by Shawn Mendes immediately reached the top spot on iTunes.

10) Ed Sheeran is Shawn Mendes' biggest influence.

11) 2013's animated film "Underdogs" featured voice work from Shawn Mendes.