Pregnant woman with HOV lane ticket argues the unborn child is a passenger

In Texas, a pregnant lady is attempting to contest a penalty for operating a single-occupant vehicle in an HOV lane by arguing that her unborn child should be considered a second occupant.

Brandy Bottone, 34, was stopped at a checkpoint on June 29 and given the ticket.

Drivers are required to have at least one passenger in order to use the HOV lanes.

Bottone was 34 weeks pregnant at the time of the event, and when questioned by police, she claimed that her unborn child counted as a passenger.

She said "My daughter is right here". She said, pointing to her stomach "She is a person".

When the police indicated it did not count, Bottone argued that she had a passenger with her and cited the recent Roe v. Wade repeal as support.

She was issued a ticket after the officer dismissed her argument.

Bottone stated that she was given a $215 ticket, but she intends to contest it.