Wendy Williams promises to return after health-related rumours surfaced

Wendy Williams promises to return less than two months after The Wendy Williams Show’ last episode aired.

She shared a video on Wednesday promoting her next podcast, The Wendy Experience, which was uploaded to the account for the programme. In the video, she had the following message for her fans: 

Additionally, after seeing that Williams appeared slimmer than usual and bewildered in paparazzi footage shot on Monday, supporters voiced concern for her appearance and conduct. Williams’ health issues, which include the autoimmune condition Graves’ disease, forced her to miss the final season of the programme and pass it over to a series of guest hosts. Williams is currently in a dispute with Wells Fargo over the bank’s decision to freeze part of her assets at the request of Williams’ own former financial adviser, who claimed that Williams was “of unsound mind.” Williams objected to the May decision by a New York judge to protect her riches by appointing a financial guardian for her.

Williams is a “workhorse,” Selby said on Wednesday, and needs a break for a variety of reasons.

He remarked, “She’s ready to come back, possibly too eager,” adding that she was also coping with her mother’s recent passing, her divorce, and the cancellation of her programme.

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