Who kidnapped Paul Staehle’s son?

Karine Martins and Paul Staehle’s marriage has been toxic for a long time.

Before they got married, it was horrible. In recent years, it has only become worse.

Their oldest son, Pierre, was reported missing on Friday, according to photographs that suggested he might be with Paul.

Fan shock was palpable. Was this a cruel fake or the real thing? Where are Ethan and Pierre? Did Paul take his son away?

Fans of 90 Day Fiance can currently envision pretty much any resolution for Paul and Karine.

And worst-case scenarios, yes.

We’re talking about two really unstable individuals who have repeatedly accused one another of abusing them.

According to the report from Friday, Pierre Staehle, 3, was missing.

The information that Missing People In America widely disseminated suggested that he might be with Paul.

To put it another way, Paul had been accused of abducting his own son, possibly back in early June.

This terrifying report seemed uncomfortably simple to believe.

Paul has a lengthy history of making bad choices and acting strangely.

Even if this would be novel for him, it’s difficult to rule anything out when it comes to Paul and Karine.

We all had questions, of course, especially since Paul wasn’t exactly running away.

He had been posting on social media in a typical (for Paul) manner.

It was left to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates—whom we’re delighted to see is recovering—to figure out what was going on.

Late on Friday night, John Yates went live, as my friends who were visiting me discovered (I thanked them for their patience).

He disclosed that he had phoned Paul, who is well known for his contacts with the cast—both good and bad.

John said that he had pictured Paul stumbling around with Pierre, but that is not what is actually happening.

First and foremost, neither Paul nor Pierre were reported missing, and based on the report, neither is Pierre.

(Of course, this has been filtered through John and comes from Paul, but it’s the most up-to-date information we have right now.)

When he chatted with John, Paul was in the courtroom. Along with him was Mary, his mother.

Paul claims that in December 2021, he was granted full custody of both children.

Alarming videos that purportedly showed Karine abusing Paul physically led to this arrangement.

A judge had ruled that Paul was the best place for the children to be at the time.

Paul explained to John that this changed when Karine recently stated that Paul was attempting to kill her.

(We are genuinely interested in learning more about Karine’s side of this allegation as we are unaware of most of it.)

Karine has not mentioned this. and evidently binge-watched Stranger Things on Friday night.

John claimed that Paul had informed him that Ethan and Pierre were both “available for adoption” at the time.

John must have meant “getting emergency placements in foster care,” and we don’t mean that disrespectfully.

Courts use this exceptional step when there are concerns about a child’s imminent safety and neither parent is deemed fit.

John reported on Instagram Live that the judge found Paul’s family to be unsuitable as well.

Maybe they assessed Mary and the others.

It’s also possible that the court meant to deny Paul access but realized that family members wouldn’t cooperate.

So Pierre and Ethan are not with either parent, according to John Yates and Paul Staehle.

He was attempting to persuade the court to allow the boys to reside with a relative, along with his mother.

This anxiety is understandable. There are some excellent emergency foster care placements. Others are terrifying.

In either case, it can be upsetting for the kids. The rest of the family is also affected negatively.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Paul hinted at this in a post to his Instagram Story that followed John’s Instagram Live.

We are hopeful that the family court will be able to figure things out and always act in the children’s best interests.

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